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Tips to Properly Maintain the Battery of Your Motorcycle

The performance of your bike depends on the quality of the battery because the battery releases energy that makes the engine to run. Find out from your manufacturer the right model off the battery to buy for your bike if you need to replace the battery. Replace the battery of your motorcycle after three to five years. You have to replace the battery more often if you have been using the motorcycle to travel on long distances thus charging it frequently. You should use the following tips to maintain your bike’s battery to that it lasts longer and performs better.

The battery terminals of your motorcycle should be greased and cleaned frequently. The battery’s terminals accumulate dirt, muck, and grit often. The terminals of the battery will eventually corrode because of the accumulated debris in them. Ensure that when you take your bike for servicing the terminals are cleaned and oiled to prevent changing batteries in short intervals of time.

You should let the battery to call whenever you are not using the motorcycle by turning it off. The ventilation of the battery should be enough to boost the flow of air around it. The holes and pipes of the ventilation should be kept clear and open all the time. Hydrogen gas is released when the electrolyte reacts with the cells of the battery when the motorcycle is being used hence the hydrogen gas leaves the battery through its vents. Failure of hydrogen gas to leave the battery because of blocked pipes and vents is dangerous since hydrogen gas will accumulate in the battery. The right amount of accumulated hydrogen gas is highly combustible and explosive which can make the battery to burst.

When you corner the bike, the battery can move around in the mounting bracket if the rubber strap is not in the right place. If the battery is not held firmly in place it may crack because of the shift or the mixture of acid and water will spill. The spills of the mixture of acid and water will damage the paint and parts of your bike and accidentally burn you.

Ensure that the electrolyte is maintained at the right level. Top up the electrolyte with water that is distilled regularly. The cells of the battery will corrode when you use tap water since tap water has impurities like minerals and metals which may also react with the electrolyte. Adding acid to the battery will destroy it. When the battery accidentally discharges you should charge it fully before using it so that it has an extended lifespan.

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Smart Ideas: Businesses Revisited

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