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Knowing More About Botox Injections

Botox injections are usually done on the fact, and most first-timers tend to be unenthusiastic about the idea. That reason is also why a lot of people avoid Botox. However, you should know that Botox injections are not that painful. The reason for that is because the needles used are quite tiny. The injections will also be just shallow. There’s also the fact that not everyone will feel the same amount of pain. However, there is still the fact that people who already got their Botox injections don’t really feel any pain from the procedure.

The average results indicate that the injections on the upper lip will hurt the most. As for the crow’s feet injection around the eyes, there’s little to worry about it.

If you want to be prepared for the procedure, you’ll need to know more about it. This all starts with a partially reclined table where you’ll be taking your seat. Of course, a pillow will be supporting your head. What comes next is cleaning off the areas where the Botox injections will be done. The designated areas on your face will also be applied with a topical anesthetic gel before being injected with Botox. The marking of the injection points will also be done via eyebrow pencil. As for the needle, it will be inserted just barely through your skin. This is because facial muscles are also very close to the surface.

There will also be an appropriate amount of injections that will be done. Keep in mind that Botox injections are highly concentrated. This is why only a small amount is necessary for the designated areas. Also, the injection happens quickly, and it doesn’t take long for the needle to be withdrawn. You’ll also often see that there will be a raised part of the skin after the injection. Just wait for twenty minutes for it to disappear.

Also, depending on the areas, more injections may be needed. Usually, the area between the eyebrows will need about five injections. Most people would think that only one injection is needed in every area of the face. Of course, it’s not entirely impossible to accomplish that, but that’s not a common occurrence. Most of the time, patients tend to need about twenty injections.

Clarifying your expectations is also important. You may think that Botox has an immediate effect, but that’s not true at all. Usually, the effects start to kick in after a few days. If you give it a week, you’ll see the significance of the changes from the procedure. Once two weeks have passed, you should be able to see the complete results of the injections.

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